Refund Policy

For Alpha Auto Trading Monthly Membership, you have a 48-hour window to apply for a full refund.
As for any other license system-based purchases, refunds will only be issued if you provide us with a
30-day trading log demonstrating consistent use of our system and adherence to its rules, without achieving positive results. If this information is provided after the initial 30 days and found to be accurate, we'll gladly issue a full refund. Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities!

ย For the Quant Alpha System , we give you 30 days to try our system. Why?

Many traders seek a quick path to wealth without truly understanding the system. But that's not what we're about. We're looking for traders committed to treating trading seriously, with dedication and consistency.

Our system is straightforward; you can grasp it in just 30 minutes. However, the reality is that too many traders give up at the first sign of a loss, always chasing after systems that promise endless wins. But that's not realistic.

All we ask is this: follow our system's signals and rules for a month without making any changes. If, despite your best efforts, you're not seeing results, we'll refund your money back in double. That's how much confidence we have in our system. So, give it a month, and it could be the month that changes your life for the better.

System Usage and Trade Logging
Mandatory Compliance: All trades must strictly adhere to our trading system and be documented in a trade log identical to ours.
Trade Log Requirements: The trade log should include the following details for each trade:
- Date
- Asset
- Entry Price
- Exit Price
- Position Size
- Direction (long/short)
- Reason for Trade
- Exit Reason
- Result (profit/loss)
- Cumulative P/L (profit/loss)

The Free Trading Room Progress
- Progress Benchmark: The trading room is expected to achieve a progress rate of at least 75%. Progress can be monitored through your dashboard.

Refund Policy
- 30-Day Refund Window: You may apply for a refund ONLY on the 30th day of your subscription if you are not in a positive profit and can provide a trade log demonstrating consistent use of our system and adherence to its rules.

- Final Sale: All bots and indicators are final sale and non-refundable.
- Final Purchase: After the 30-day period, all purchases are final and non-refundable.